The german partnership

After the joint church service

After the joint church service

Our Diocesan Partnership link between Worcester and Magdeburg goes back to around the time when the Berlin Wall came down. The partnership began with one district of the Church Province of Saxony, around its cathedral city of Magdeburg. Gradually that extended to other districts, including Halberstadt and Stendal. A merger brought a new church (a regional church, rather like a very large diocese in our terms). The Province of Saxony joined with that of Thuringia church to become the new Evangelical Church in Central Germany (Evangelische Kirche in Mitteldeutschland). ‘Evangelical’ in their title is perhaps somewhat confusing for us: the German word means ‘Protestant’, rather than evangelical in our sense. More details and map

Our Benefice link was formed in 1998 linked to churches in Kirchenkreise (Deanery) of Halberstadt-Ost around the villages of Wegeleben, Kroppenstadt, Hausneindorf, Emersleben and Schwanebeck which were in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR).

In August 2018 we celebrated our twentieth anniversary with a visit to Germany and planting of a tree.

The aim of the Partnership is to promote and develop links between our two churches (Anglican and Evangelical Church in Central Germany {EKM} The framework is from the Meissen Declaration of 1988 which envisages “the reconciliation of churches and ministries within the wider fellowship of the universal church.” As far as possible “we take all steps to a closer fellowship in many areas of Christian life and witness, so that all our members may advance on the way to full visible unity”

We visit each other on a three year cycle, staying with host families, the itinerary includes visits to attractions both secular and religious. There is usually worship every day, using both languages. We have had some wonderful experiences and thought provoking times during visits.

Over the years we have learnt much about each other’s worship, culture and lifestyle We have also formed friendships and private visits have taken place.

If you wish to become involved, or take part in the partnership contact Alex Christison on